The Art of Branding

That’s right, McDonald’s, one of the best branded and most successful businesses out there. Now, when you saw the golden arches and the” I’m loving it” saying you knew the company right away didn’t you?

What else does McDonald’s use for branding? Colors of course, they are vibrant and contrast nicely but is that the only reason? I don’t know about you but I’m starting to want some fries.

How about their name? Is that branding the company too? It sure is, if you want a Big Mac, McFlurry or egg McMuffin. These are all things that get a response from you, the purchaser.

I will give you a few more here, not only directed at you. The happy meal, that’s right they got the kids attention too, so does the Play land and of course Ronald and his friends.

Now you’re probably thinking,” That’s all great Jim but that’s a billion dollar company and they are everywhere. Everyone knows McDonald’s”. True, but it all started with one.

Everyone knows It because repetition = recognition, in exercise they call this muscle memory it’s the same concept. Advertising simply plays on other senses, every sense possible actually.

Let’s look at another product to show a good example of what I mean.

Palmolive dish soap is the perfect example of branding by using senses.

Besides the scent of the soap, let’s look at their catch phrase. “It softens hands while you do the dishes”

Now when this advertising ploy started, who do you think was doing the dishes? Yes, women and they want to keep their soft hands.

This shows how demographics are important here as well. You have to study and know your potential customer, their wants, needs, likes and dislikes. Ask them what they look for most when they are looking for that particular product or service.

You absolutely must do research before you decide to do any kind of marketing campaign.


How To Brand Your Business

The most important thing to do first is the research…

First learn all the details you can on your Product or Services; break down what you can to know specifics. (It is difficult to be too specific here so  feel free to comment or message for specifics on your product or service.)

Learn about all of its benefits and setbacks, learn about the competition. What sets your product above theirs? What is the price comparison? What is the difference between warranties?

Secondly learn everything about your clientele, the buyer’s motivation is critical to any business.

Is your product or service what they need, what they want or is it a combination? This may be a big difference in how you get their business.

If something is a true need then your focus should be aimed at all the benefits they would get from it; a fancy wrapper, name or sometimes even price may not be as important.

If it is something that is wanted; your focus will have to shift, say to show how much enjoyment they will get from it.

If it’s a combination, you will have to shift focus again. You may have to show what sets your product or service ahead of the any others.

Is it catered toward men or women? I will cover a few things here. (Now, they may seem to be extreme examples but it makes the point.) Presentation of your product or service would have to be catered directly. You would not attempt to sell a tool to a man by saying how perfectly it fit into dainty hands.

Placement would also be critical. It’s not very likely you would see a fish net stockings advertised in Car & Driver magazine.

Develop your identity….

Many people accomplish this in different orders and all can work. I will offer some additional advice; do as much research on this as possible. The effort now will save trouble later. There are many very affordable ways to get more information, here is one example.

Logos are used to accomplish a few key things at a glance, get attention and be memorable.

You should always try to use vibrant and contrasting colors to make your logo pop to life. Change your color schemes and consider it being on different background colors to see which works best.

Try to be unique but keep it so people can still relate to it and make sure that it associates with your business.

A name is more than just a name; it has to strengthen all the other elements or objectives of your business. The more your name tells about your business, products or services offered, the less effort you’ll expend trying to explain it.

Your name should be made to stand out, try different styles, fonts and color combinations to find the best effect. Keep in mind the name should associate with your logo.

Catch phrases are generally used along with names and logos. Catch phrases should be short and catchy. You should limit the phrases you use to one or two (only one at a time) and it must associate with your business.

 Check your progress ….

Set up a few small target areas to test the effectiveness of your branding efforts. Keep the target areas small but diverse, use 2-3 different designs and be sure to track where any responses come from.

Try different media avenues, put out posters or fliers on community bulletin boards. Hand them out or place them on doors (Do not put in mailbox). Do online placement but keep in mind to keep the reach small. Ask your social media friends for opinions, Place localize free ads or classified ads. Start networking, attend social mixers, business network groups, local Chamber of Commerce or do card drops (leave a few cards at different locations).

Evaluate your results….

Learn to love any failure you can identify here, it is a critical part of brand building and will save a great deal of money. This allows you to make adjustments to any areas that did not capture the response you wanted.

Focus on what did not work and pull those aspects out; Did one design or layout work better than another? Was there difference in response between demo-graphs? Was there a difference between delivery medium?

Now focus on what aspects got the most positive responses; Did those things work in all areas of your test? Did it raise questions or interest to  purchase?

Remake and redo …..

Follow the same steps as above with the following variations. Start with the aspects that worked and add around them. Be sure to keep your message clear.

No matter how much you try all the normal brand-building ideas; from the market research, the brand identity development, brand and logo design to blasting your branding campaign through every possible venue to have it seen, if you fail to convey the right messages to the right people effectively, all your hard work will be wasted.

Make sure you stand out. It is nearly impossible to find a marketplace that isn’t packed with competition anymore, so to be remembered by customers, you have to try to stand out from the competition.

Launch your campaign….

Use every advertising avenue at your disposal to reach as many people as you can. Be as consistent as possible across all media, your brand should appear the same on everything from marketing literature and advertising materials to staff uniforms.

Create a list of specifics to assist with consistency including color codes, font types, text formats and placement details. Run your marketing campaign over several weeks to build trust and recognition with your target market. If you don’t have a website up, check out my #1 review to get all the tools you need.

 I hope this overview gave you more insight on the importance of branding. I will be expanding on this and will be putting out an ebook to better expand. I suggest you subscribe to my email list and receive it. I do also advise you to do more research on the subject before you launch a full release. As always I love feedback so please leave a comment or you can email me.

Wishing you the best success,




  1. Dear Jim,
    Very Informative post and the example you used on Palmolive dish soap “It softens hands while you do the dishes” made to give a deep thought…. Nice article keep up the good work…. I do agree on your recommendation no doubt Wealthy Affiliate is the best i am a member of it… I will strongly advice people to sign up with wealthy affiliate for their learning and earning…

  2. I remember when I was a kid my mom teling me the Palmolive dish soap was good for my hands so I would not complain about having to do the dishes. When I grew up was in the days before automatic dishwashers so every night my sister and me had to take turns washing and drying. Fun times…not. I hated doing the dishes.

    • Craig I was told the same thing, it was a good marketing plow at the time. I think the pretty much had the market locked until Dawn stepped in to “help” after the oil spills.

  3. It is so amazing how branding has become the leader to success. And there is even social branding and emotional branding. This was such an informative article. I know I will be back to read this again. Thank you for all the examples of branding.
    “Make sure you stand out. It is nearly impossible to find a marketplace that isn’t packed with competition anymore, so to be remembered by customers” this is one very important line.
    Great job, ariel

    • Yes Ariel, I am passionate about branding in every business I work with. They all work together sometimes, I will be adding more to this subject.


  4. Hi Jim,
    It is a timely article for me to have a complete evaluation of my business brand. We have been working on Kcancer.com for a while now. From Kcancer work, we find that smoking, quit smoking, and lung cancer are very important project, which has the potential to save life and improve quality of life for many people. We thus started working on the website: rebrandsmoking.com. We think Rebransmoking is part of Kcancer and would like to use as many Kcancer information as possible in our Rebrandsmoking business communication. I have one question to you: what way is better, treat Rebrandsomking as separate business or Rebransmoking as part of Kcancer?
    Thanks for your kind help in advance.

    • Hi Anthony,
      I would be happy to help you with your branding questions/ concerns. I hope to get a little break next week, I will touch base with you then and work on whatever you feel needs to be changed. Before that I would suggest you think about a set logo you would like and is relevant.
      Wish you the best success,
      jim (wolf)

  5. Hello Jim,
    Great article!!
    Yes, your brand is who you represent and what you want others to think about you and your business/website that you use as a vehicle to get to your targeted audience. You have touched on quite a few great points: logos, colors, names, and so forth. All these things are basic and equally important in my opinion.
    I will definitely be implementing some of your pointers.
    Thanks so much.

    • Thank you Michelle,
      I will be expanding on this more in the future. There are many important aspects to branding that many overlook. In my opinion quality products and information are as important after being noticed for long term success.
      Jim ( wolf)

  6. Hi Jim. You’ve explained the art of branding so well. You are quiet right that we typically associate branding with big multi-million dollar companies without realizing that those companies also started with one or two individuals who had vision. Thanks for the insight.

    • Thank you Zola,
      Im glad you enjoyed the post. Branding is a very important key to business success, I will be expanding on this soon.
      Jim (wolf)

  7. Hello Jim, this is one aspect that I have not paid much attention to with building my online business. The in-depth information you have given on the art of branding is very useful.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the term recognition = repetition.
    It is a term I will be focusing on and will also be referring back to your post.

    • Thank you for reading Tania,
      I will be posting much more on branding it is a very important aspect of every business. I do try to “live by” the repetition part, it works in everything we do. I will be doing a post on this in the next few days.
      As always, I wish you the best success,
      Jim (wolf)

  8. HI Jim, I grew up in the Vietnam era, when servicemen were being greeted as they deployed with combat pay by McDonald’s salespeople, to have the opportunity to buy a franchise for $25K! Imagine that opportunity! Of course, back then, the brand was not yet recognized and it looked like $25K for a hamburger stand, not a good deal at all. So much of the value is in the brand.

  9. Jim,
    I think branding is every bit as important to an online business as it is to a brick and mortar store. I am currently looking into getting a logo designed for my website. I think it will go a long way towards branding my site. I appreciate all the helpful information in your post.

  10. I have been working on a logo for a while. I can’t find anywhere to get one for free so I fear I might have to buy one. Which is fine because then I can get one people will remember! My first real big step toward Branding!

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