Myflexjob Beware the impostors

Don’t be fooled by scams, I do not take this word lightly. I do actual reviews so I dig in a bit more than most would. I want you to have the truth about what to stay away from and what you can trust. I do this to protect you as well as businesses that offer legitimate opportunity. This review will show you exactly why I do my reviews the way I do.

Myflexjob, a honest look

NAME:   My flex jobmyflexjob scam
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 5 star
Price: Starter Membership, $0 -$20-$30?
Owners: covered up unknown
WWW.my flex jobs .com
Who it’s for: Beginner

What is Myflexjob?

Myflexjob is …… usually I would say what platform it is here or something along those lines. This time is different. DO NOT CONFUSE MYFLEXJOB WITH FLEXJOBS.

Have you ever seen the Eddie Murphy movie The Distinguished gentleman? He used a trusted name to gain popularity and get voted into Congress. This is pretty much the same thing, Myflexjob is Not Flexjobs.

Myflexjobs offers a very convincing work from home program which you simply do Data entry at home.  Although this site sounds like a great opportunity for stay at home situations. It never states that it is a survey site, it pushes how you would make an excellent income with what sounds like actual work.  What it does not say is that the Data you would need to enter is your own!

Another thing they do here is try to require you get a antivirus, which is lesser quality than what I have, they say it is needed to protect their clients. Other people got hit with needing a backup program, so they can track your work. They offer you a credit of $25 after you sign up “to help pay for the software” What they don’t tell you is their minimal payout is $50. The payout on the surveys are very low and your mailbox fills fast trying to simply get your money back.

I have been doing this for a while and I know there are some quirks with many of these sites, there is a high volume so they may lag some. One of the things I found odd is every time I tried to log in I had to request a temporary password. I didn’t think much of it at first, I reset my password and it said it was saved. Every time the same thing, I spoke to a friend who writes code for websites and she told me the only way that could happen is if it always pointed back to the site owner. Another Red flag for everyone to know.

Could it Work For You?

Honestly, there are enough red flags with this to stop a train. However, I will go through the Pros and Cons.


  • No or small initial startup cost ( The initial pay out is on the sign up not the purchase of anything.)
  • Pick the survey or task you want
  • No prior experience needed
  • Work at your own pace
  • Work at home


  • Very low payout per task
  • Serval site anomalies
  • survey options are always the same
  • many tasks take extremely long to complete
  • credit does not always get added
  • No training or tools available

I can not in anyway recommend this site.


 What is Flexjob

Flexjobs is an actual Job site for freelance work, like Upwork. They specialize in connecting people with jobs they can do from home or mostly from home.

website: www.flexjobs.com (actual site)

Flexjobs has been out since 2007 and has a excellent BBB rating. Unfortunately, I have not done a full review at this time. I will look into it more and follow up if it is warranted or fits the criteria for this site.


My FINAL Opinion 

It is sad how a small play on a name can have such a drastic impact. I have seen several of bad reviews but very few that separated the company they were trying to leech off of. Please when reviewing pay attention to the little details also. Put in variations of the name to see what else may pop up. In case you haven’t noticed, I did not tag the website. I did this so it would not be mistaken as an endorsement from search engines.

I can not endorse Flexjobs at this point, however if you are looking for actual freelance work you should put in your search that way. Do research on Flexjob and Upwork, beware, some of these may have a cost associated with them.

If your looking to work at home, starting your own business and being your own boss, read about my #1 recommendation. 

As always, I love feedback, leave your comments below.

Wishing you the best success,



  1. Good stuff to know JIm. I tried a couple of these survey sites (not the ones you mentioned) and they really did not pan out too good. Most have limited surveys, lo payouts and some you have to be qualified to even take the survey. You take the time to answer some questions then a form pops up that I am not qualified to complete this certain survey. So I found most to be a waste of time.

    • Yes I agree Craig,
      It has been my experience with most of these sites are simply a waste of our valuable time. There are a few that are better to deal with as I said. I do not mean to knock them, simply to make people aware to look into things before wasting so much time.
      wish you the best success,
      Jim (wolf)

  2. Hi Jim, thank you for your careful review of Flexjobs. I put Flexjobs in my top list based on the another report. After reading your report, I did more home work and my research outcome agree with what your described. Now Flexjobs is not in my selection list. Your honest and careful review prevent my business from potential suffer. Thanks.

    • Hi Anthony,
      I am so happy you got to see the review. I try not to be as negative if there is a chance that something may work for anyone but Myflexjob is a complete spam hiding behind a real business. Always best to do your home work when looking for honest work/ income.
      wish you the best success
      Jim (wolf)

  3. Jim,
    Thanks for the in depth review of Myflexjob. I don’t like when a company is not up front with you about what the actual work is going to be. Not mentioning that it is your own information that you have to put in, is like telling a half truth. I appreciate your honest review. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Yes this bugged me because it was a double scam, the original Myflexjob had nothing to do with them.

  4. These are the sites that made it so long before I jumped into the internet work at home scene. Thank you for telling me which site was a real opportunity and what was a scam. I think I am going to go check out Flexjobs now!

    • Thank you for commenting Brittaney,
      yes these kinds of sites are very time consuming to begin with. This one is a complete waste of time, I hope others see the review and avoid that one.
      Wish you the best success
      Jim (wolf)

  5. Dear Jim,
    Thanks for the review I really appreciate for taking time and writing a review.
    People are searching for online programs to help their need but many online programs are just a waste of time and money. Personally I lost of money and time and I know the pain I felt it.
    So by writing this type of review you are really helping people… Thanks a lot GOD Bless…
    Your Friend,

    • Thank you for the kind comment Paul,
      I dont do many reviews, when I do I feel strongly about it. I try to give every business opportunity the best outlook and leave it open to people looking. I will not be untruthful when I do any, this one was not so good of a review for them.

      • Dear Jim,

        That’s great and your review saves time, effort and money. Keep up the great work.

        Your friend,

  6. Hi Jim,
    Interesting about how a company can build a reputation by having a name close to one that may in fact be a good deal. The internet has so many potential traps, doesn’t it? Thanks for taking the time to steer folks clear!

    • Thank you for commenting Annie,
      The shame is that its usually the opposite effect on the REAL company. It is much harder to overcome negatives in business even if its not you causing it. Typically people will have to do 3 times the work to defend themselves in these situations.

  7. Hello Jim, It is so amazing to me how it is so easy to use words to deceive. So when a true opportunity does come along we are just plain skeptical. Thanks so much for highlighting what really goes on, behind the cloaked words.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  8. Thanks for the review of this company. I love the connection to the Eddie Murphy movie, I saw it and yes, you have a great point. It is not usual that there will be people who try to ‘ride on the coat-tails’ of famous brands/names. It is such a shame, however, this will always be a human failing. But then, they say, ‘imitation is the greatest form of flattery’!
    Thanks for sharing.

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