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Building a successful business requires dedication and effort yet it can be very rewarding at the same time. I will share 5 of the most important things to get you started building a successful business here.

    1. PLAN …. write it down – this varies depending on the business you are starting.  This will start to breath life into your business idea.
      • Name … of course you need to do research to make sure you can use the name you choose. This can be mostly done with internet searches.
      • Structure … now if you’re the only one doing the work it does not apply much but even so, list out the different “positions”  and write in the name. president to stock boy, whatever pertains to your business.
      • Time lines …. Set tasks and time frames to get them done. For example, I need to place a new add in a local paper … I write down for it to get done on Wednesday, that add goes out Friday.  Now I want you to be a little aggressive here, it will pay off in the end.
      • Branding …. This is sometimes overlooked but very important, i suggest you do research on this. basically this is how you make people remember you. Read my blog for more of an overview.
    2. ACTION …. JUST DO IT!  
      • Stand by what you say, if you offer ABC to a customer don’t give them XYZ. Nothing kills a business faster.
      • Footwork … yes its not likely your business is going to promote itself, let people know what you have to offer. Tell everyone in every way you can.
      • Improve … one of the best things you can do to build a successful business is to continue to improve on it. This could be finding suppliers of higher quality goods, better warranty, faster delivery,etc.
    3.  MOTIVATION ….. starting is always hard  
      • Stay motivated…  we all have our own things that keep us motivated, use them. Maybe its your children, grandchildren, that new car you always wanted, it’s all good.
      • Video/ Audio …. building a successful business in time consuming when you get started. I was a sponge but didn’t have time or money to sit in a classroom. Obviously, I turned to Audiobooks and videos. ( if this is you too, I have added a banner below where you can find what you need and get 2 free downloads.)
      • Family and friends ….. I put this here for a reason, one of the biggest things to overcome is usually family and friends. I use it as a motivation, its an amazing thing how those who are closest to you respond when you say you’re doing this or that. I love to prove them wrong, use it as a push to get you over whatever hump in front of you.
      • A Community of like minded people is a helpful and motivating asset. It can build your knowledge and your confidence in one place. You can see some of the benefits of such a structured community HERE .
      • Don’t give up… the most important thing  you should think at this point is I CAN … you have a plan, know the actions you have to take and stay motivated. I want you to be a Rhino now., don’t let anything stand in your way.
      • Be persistent …. even those people who seemed like they wouldn’t want to be involved at all … tell them why they should. I’ve sold things before saying look it’s exactly the same as if you got it there.
      • push yourself … you should promote your business constantly. were is the lead in? We always have to be vigilant about this.
    5. PROMOTION … how are you promoting your business
      • Newspaper ads…. still very handy depending on your business and how your ad is worded. It is sometimes worth the cost for branding. These ads should be much different depending on the type of business , message me for specifics.
      • Flyers,business cards,etc. very necessary I don’t recommend going out without a supply of business cards. Give 2 or 3 of them to everyone, leave them at coffee shops,  bulletin boards, where ever you can.
      • Social media …. absolutely, we are in a digital age now, use it. If you don’t do that, figure it out, get some help to get this done for you. when you set up a promo its a copy and paste , easy ,done.
      • Word of mouth … In my opinion, This is what drives every business. I have gotten referrals and sales by just hearing people talk and saying  you should check this out.  There is nothing more powerful then a positive referral, even if it’s from you.



I love feedback, if you have any comments or recommendations please leave them below.


I love feedback, if you have any comments or recommendations please leave them below.


  1. Hi Jim,
    You are what appears to be very far along. your site looks professional. I didn’t see where to leave a comment on every page. Was that the plan? I like how you use advertising and your graphics. I also like how you offer free digital products that is something I also plan to promote on my site. I would like to offer them on my opt in page.

    • Thank you Jeffrey,
      WA has been a huge help to me. I have been doing reviews for awhile but never really knew how to get them out. I believe a few of the biggest things yo building a business is motivation and self improvement, this is why I added that link.
      Best success

  2. Hello Jim,

    Building a business online is indeed the best choice one can ever make. As you for one to achieve success in running his or her business. Motivation and determination are also essential part of the business. Without motivation and determination, you can easily give up when success is not coming your way as you expected.

    Also getting the best community where you can get all the training you need to achieve success is so important. And I like that fact that you recommended Wealthy Affiliate as the best place to get such Training.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post. All who want to start their own online business can benefit from it.

    My best wishes to you

  3. Hi Jim,
    Great list of things to think about and plan for with a new business. Plan, Take Action, Stay Motivated and Determined. We have to be somewhat single-minded when we start our home business, don’t we?
    I have had several successful businesses over the years (!) and I love the way Wealthy Affiliate combines training, technical support and platform, and community to help an online entrepreneur. The self-improvement is virtually unlimited with WA

  4. Dear Jim,

    This is a very detailed post on starting an online business. Planning, taking action, motivation, determination and promotion you covered it all. Getting started is where people get stuck. You have provided a great blueprint for getting started. Thanks!

    Your Friend,

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