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How To Get Started Online

I am sure, like I was, you’re tired of trying and failing to find a REAL opportunity online Right?

If your answer is YES, you are going to want to read this page completely. I will do my best to help you out and show you how you can get started online in the next few minutes.

If you are like most of us, you have tried to find success online or with a work at home business but you ran into hurdles you just couldn’t seem to get over. I know I did and it is what happens for most people when they attempt to start a business online, they enter a state of “mass confusion”.

That is why I am here.

I want to help you get sorted and I want to show you the PROPER path to Getting Started Online!

Personally, I have always been frustrated by the sheer number of scams out there and having to put out money to see why something DOESN’T work. In fact, I prefer to be able to try something before I have to pay for it. That is why on my site, you will see that I only recommend products/services that have are either completely free or free to try before you pay a dime.

I think of it as buying a car, would you buy a car without starting it up and driving it? Of course not.

That is the exact reason that I recommend that you try ONLY products that will give you an inside look and let you “KICK THE TIRES” before you give them even a Dime of your own money.

Now I want to get into the online success thing and what YOU need to be successful within the online world. But first, let’s look at what maybe helping to prevent it.


What do you think is the Most Critical Thing that Prevents People from Achieving Online Success?

Is it the fear of failure?

Is it fear of losing money or time?

Is it being afraid to try new things?

What are you scared of? I mean, there has to be some reason that you have not found your success thus far? I would love to hear why you think you have found your success yet , please leave a comment below. It will help me better serve others here on my site and help MORE people succeed at a higher rate.

Perhaps like many, your lack of online success is purely because you have been exposed to scam after scam online, well… I am going to completely turn you around today and get you walking in the direction of REAL and ETHICAL programs online.

In fact, the difference between someone who achieves success online and someone that does not can be narrow down to a few things…in fact, just 3.


What Building blocks are needed to Build a Business Online?

Really Only These THREE Things Are Required….

I have been reviewing and trying online businesses for a while now, and have learned not only a lot about online success, but I have learned a lot about people. People create success in many ways, we all achieve it a bit differently from one another, but there is something that I found common with all people who earn money online.

(1) They Have Help

I don’t think there is much worse than the frustration when you are stuck getting a new venture up and running. In fact I can only think of one thing, not having anyone to get help from when you are stuck.

They know where to get help when they need it. Possibly networking groups or a community of entrepreneurs.

(2) They Have Their Own Website

Without a website, there is little chance for success. If you are trying to go into an online business without a website of your own, you are going to have short-lived success. VERY SHORT LIVED.

Don’t be worried.

Building a website is now very easy. In fact, a few minutes from now you can have your very own website up and running online. Yes, in a few minutes from now…again, without spending a single dime of your own money.  (watch how to set up your website video here)

Remember what I said about liking things that are free to try and free to use, websites are no different.

(3) They Learn Regularly & Practice Properly

Without learning new things you’re  going to be unable to do them. I have worked for years in Corporate America team building and training. One of the biggest things I pushed was constant and consistent learning and motivation.

Through training classes and books,
through self motivation seminars, tapes, DVDs etc.
The more you know and the more you learn, the more you can do naturally.
Now, I don’t know you personally yet, your background, your interests but I look at it like this.  Athletes and musicians, no matter how good need to practice, they need motivation to push them.

That is what is going to happen when you get trained, but only when you Practice properly.


Getting Going FREE…

You are probably seeing a common theme here.

  1. I like the idea of bootstrapping a business.
  2.  I believe that in order to succeed online, you need help, a website, and training.

Here is what you are going to get when you sign-up for free.

Personal Help & Support
Ability to get personal help from me
Help within a community of 10,000’s of users (see here) .. many replied by private message also.
Live Chat support
Ongoing topical discussions
2 Free Websites
Fully functional WordPress Sites
Ready to make money online
Training Galore
Video Classes
Entire Classrooms
All this for a big fat $0, like I said not a dime…. no credit card required.

It seems crazy and that is because it is. You will not find training or support like this anywhere. There is a Premium option that you should consider, but that will only give you access to WAY MORE.

As shown in this screen capture, choose the “Starter, $0 per month” option and you will instantly get access to everything listed after you complete your sign-up details.


click the banner below to get started

If you have any questions about Getting Started online, I would love to help! Just leave them below! ?


  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, it is all about kicking fear aside and taking a leap of faith. It is just so amazing when we connect with a community like wealthy affiliate that has a system that is proven to work. Your posts is inspiring and well detailed.

    • Thank you Norman,
      Very true, WA has been a great help to me and my projects. This is the first time for me to do a website and blogs so I have definitely needed help. There are always people like yourself willing to offer assistance.
      Wish you the best success

  2. Jim,
    Thank you for the insightful post, I know, like you said, one of the drawbacks is the fear of losing money and time? I have been very happy with Wealthy Affiliate and their training program. I am not willing to quit or give up due to the amount of time I have invested in my online business. When people don’t see immediate success, do you find that is when they most likely give up their dream of success online? In my opinion, it takes time to build a successful business.

    • Thank you Lisa,
      Yes, unfortunately many people make that mistake of looking for instant reward. I know many who had promising businesses and gave up. Many say they want to quit their jobs but the fact is they are unwilling to take leap of faith.

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