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Congratulations , reading this far is really shows you have what it takes to build a successful business. Now, I’m going to go through a few things that you will need to know and understand to manage your business. Again, this varies depending on the way you have your business setup, so, I’ll just go through a few basics here.

You now have what i call WORK (what others rarely know) , of course this is better than a Job (just over broke). Some people are thinking ,”WOOHOO, I don’t have a boss”. Sorry to tell you this but, yes you do. You now have a boss you won’t be able to give excuses for not making a deadline or getting needed paperwork done, that’s right, your new boss is YOU.

Let’s go over a few things to keep your new boss happy and staying profitable. We are going to do this mainly by changing some bad habits, you will expand on these habits later.

  1. Time management
    • Who likes an alarm clock? That’s right nobody. Instead of focusing on setting your alarm try to focus on when you go to sleep. How much sleep do you need to get?
      • If you need 8 hours, still set your alarm but get to sleep 8 1/2 hours before you need to wake.
      • Have trouble getting to sleep? Try Melatonin or soothing music to help you relax.
    • Set timelines for yourself and stick to them. There are many ways to help keep you on schedule.
      • Personal organizers …. I love using them and almost always have one with me.
      • Online calendars …..  most programs have some version, google, outlook, etc. they have alarms you can set different times before an event is due.
      • To Do lists …. another great thing to do, make a daily list and check off as completed. Some organizers have this incorporated, if not add it to your routine.
    • Be early, we all have been in a bad habit of being on time. If you get into a habit of being early you’ll find you will be much more relaxed.
      • Have a meeting that starts at 8? You should be there 15-30 mins before
      • Paperwork due in 10 days? Get it done in 8 instead
  2. Self Care
    • Dress for success …. You are now the person who represents your business, dress the part.
      • People take you more serious when you dress professionally. No matter what your business, if you’re a roofing contractor, wear a button up shirt when meeting your client and at least a polo shirt with your logo if you are actually doing the work.
      • Dressing professionally will actually push you to be more productive.
    • Take care of your most important asset …. You are now your most important asset and investment. If you’re not working right neither can your business.
      • Diet is absolutely essential, you are what you eat so eat well. Try to stay away from fast food and take vitamins. I recommend whole food vitamins and supplements.
      • Exercise, some of us love it some hate it but make it part of your routine. You will find you feel much better and alert with a good exercise routine.
    • Stay motivated …. Staying motivated and positive is possibly the most important thing for you to do.
      • Audio book are a great thing, most books are now available in audio and can go with you. One of my favorites is Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.
      • Video is another great source for inspirational movies and clips.
      • Seminars are a great source also as you gain motivation from others around you.
  3.  Surroundings
    • Your office space is an extension of your business and yourself.
      • When you’re working from home you should have your office area set aside. Keep it orderly and away from distractions.
      • Keep track of your supplies, I recommend a weekly list to check what you have or need.
    • The people you surround yourself with have a direct impact on you.
      • Join groups of other successful business people, learn what they are doing to be successful.
      • Join Community groups or your local Chamber of Commerce to meet new business people and possible potential customers.
  4. Stay Educated
    • Study your competition, what do they do to be successful or what do they do that turns people off?
      • Do they have quality product, warranty or customer support?
      • Do they have special promotions?
    • Continue to educate yourself on the products or services you offer and ways to improve on them.
      • Become a specialist on what you offer
      • Check reviews of the products you offer
      • Compare pricing to similar products
  5. Promote 
    • Constantly and consistently  promote your business.
      • Tell people, there is nothing worse then hearing “oh I didn’t know you did that”.
      • Build a website with content pages and blogs you can point people to. Learn how here
      • Use business cards, fliers and brochures.
      • Get pens with your info on them and leave them in banks, restaurants, stores, etc.
    • Give quality customer service
      • The better you take care of your customers the more referrals you will get.
      • A happy customer is a returning customer.

Below, I added a link where I get most of the things I mentioned. I find the one stop shopping convenient at times, from Audiobooks to supplies.

I love feedback, if you have any comments or recommendations please leave them below.


  1. Jim, Great advice, all 5 points are valid. I find where I struggle the most is time management. It is so easy to start the day with good intent, but get sidetracked and never accomplish the task at hand. You said to set timelines and stick to them. I will try to implement that to see if it keeps me on track. Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,
      Im glad the article was of assistance to you, time management is often my biggest issue also. I may have to change my schedule several times a day so I use task lists and reorder as needed.
      Jim (wolf)

  2. Dear Jim,

    Well said about Time Management. Time Management is vital for all business persons. Set the time schedule and by following it correctly we can surely complete all the works. As you stated correctly “Set timelines for yourself and stick to them”. Time Management will keep us on track.

    I agree on all your 5 valid points. Time Management is Life Management.

    Your Friend,

  3. Hi Jim, Good article on managing your business! I like being organized so that I only touch something I am working on one time, and then it is done. Of course, now I am in an online blogging business, so I have redefined that to be I touch it once for the improvement I am implementing that day, and then again and again, each time with a new improvement. The one touch keeps me from procrastinating and using my time ineffectively, while the redefinition helps each post be more effective. My business management has shifted a bit with the business I am now doing!
    That’s just for your point one…each of your points has really good meat for me. Thank you.

    • Thank you Annie, your shift in repetition is exactly correct. When you run an online business it is required to make changes and improvements to reach the masses. The basic layout is the same as in my art of branding post. Focus is a key ingredient to success, one thing at a time, evaluate and adjust. See you at the top.
      Jim (wolf)

  4. Hello Jim, I so enjoyed reading this article. For me it is really timely because as we get further into our business there are things we really need to be aware of. I am so aware that i was so focused on doing, that i was neglecting things like eating, drinking and taking breaks. And I cannot run a healthy business if am not healthy. Right? so thanks for taking the time to outline all we need to do. in peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. Dear Jim,

    Thanks a lot for the post on business management. You said it “Be early, we all have been in a bad habit of being on time. If you get into a habit of being early you’ll find you will be much more relaxed.” Yes time management is life management.

    Your Friend,

    • Thank you Paul and so very true.
      There is much more to that which is realized once people get themselves in a habit of doing it. Subconsciously people know their time is valuable, this actually includes that DEAD time from being early right? Actually , very incorrect, when we wait for anything we expect to get what we want, our confidence is higher, were more prepared and it effects others when they know they were being waited on. I will do an article/post lol
      Thank you for the comments

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