How to Sell Products Online

One of the questions I am asked most is how to sell products online. Now, I use the words sell and products universally here. I will break this down so it will be understood why and help you to get the actual results you are looking for.

What is a Product?

According to, a product is good, idea, method, information, object or service created as a result of a process and serves a need or satisfies a want. It has a combination of tangible and intangible attributes (benefits, features, functions, uses) that a seller offers a buyer for purchase.

This could also be considered a Niche, it is something you have to provide to someone who wants it. The only thing that turns anything into a product is making it available to others.


What is selling?

Selling is first and foremost a transaction between the seller and the prospective buyer or buyers (the target market) where money (or something considered to have monetary value) is exchanged for goods or services.

There does not have to be an exchange for money to be a sale. It is simply something of value, I know my time is of value. If you’re giving away a free e book, what is the cost? Time to listen to or read what you’re offering, then more time to download the book first off. Let’s not forget about the space it may take up on my device, that’s valuable. The worst part is I have not spent the time to read it so I don’t even know if it’s of any value to me.

Now let’s look into that question again and dig into what will help get you started making sales online. I will keep this narrowed down for single products and affiliate type businesses. If you have a product line or are running an ecommerce storefront this will not apply to you. You may want to view my branding blog.


Selling your products

Selling online gives you more potential customers to present your product to. If those customers don’t see value in it or have trust in you, it is likely they will look elsewhere. You have to show them why they need or want your product and why they should get it from you. As you can see, the main obstacle keeping anyone from getting the results they want is one or both of these. We will look at these now.

How do you build trust ?

Build trust by understanding what Customers needs are and how you can help them. Ask questions and offer solutions. Now, I am not an expert at everything out there but I know one important thing. If I do not know an answer myself, I know where to get it. Make yourself available to legitimately help and you will become a trusted friend. Have you noticed I have links here for my social media pages, that I have email links and comments open? These are all different avenues to get in contact with me directly. You will not build trust if you can not be contacted.

How do you show value of your product?

Every product has value to someone who needs or wants it. Understanding their desire completely will help you to guide them through their decision, do not try to talk them into it. People naturally go into a defense mode when they feel they are being pushed into something.

Understanding these key elements will help you to not only sell products online but anywhere else as well. The next steps to help with the online process is putting it in front of people who are looking for it. Read my review here to see how you can get all the tools you need to put your products or services in front of others.

As always, I love feedback, leave your comments below.

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